Healthcare is changing, partly as a result of economic pressures, and also because of the general recognition that care needs to be less fragmented and more patient-centred.
The need to make healthcare more patient-centred is a global trend and is based on the premise that healthcare should be organised more around the patient rather than the provider.
The impact of the pandemic has been catastrophic, affecting individuals, populations, and systems at multiple levels. The focus of health care has shifted to provision of PATIENT CARE.

We are launching unique First of Its Kind, diagnostic and patient management services :

  • Customer Engagement
  • Patient Disease Management
  • Service Differentials

Why UnifiedMediCare

  • Greater Independence
  • Safety, Comfort and Convenience
  • Relief for Family Caregivers
  • Prevents Avoidable Trips to the Hospital
  • High Quality
  • Team of Professionals
  • Wide Range of Services

Our Service offerings

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure tracking
  • Continuous Blood Glucose monitoring
  • Tonometry
  • Blood Pressure/Glucose Monitoring
  • HbA1C