QMSMAS is one of the leading Medical Device Companies India who are associated with Top Brands in Pharma Industry

Hospital furniture, together with modern medical equipment, has an important role to play in health care. They not only help surgeons to perform the critical surgery with the utmost safety of the patient but also make patients feel comfortable during their stay in hospital or the surgery/post-surgery as well. QMSMAS is one of the leading Healthcare Equipment and Suppliers in India.

Not only do we source a wide range of healthcare supplies, but we can also assist you with other facets of your practice. We can save you time, money, and link you with more vendors for all your surgical needs. We offer a wide range of discount surgical supplies from multiple vendors and product lines.

The medical device industry is primarily led by companies based in North America, Europe and Japan, and many of them are pioneers in the Indian medical device market. Some of these firms, such as Abbott Laboratories, Allergan, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis, are also major players in the pharmaceutical industry. Many large companies, such as General Electric, Siemens, Philips, have a significant business outside the medical field. But many companies, such as Intuitive Surgical and Medtronic, are pure-play medical device firms. The market, although highly regulated, is driven by innovation. Historically, success in India has required the import of medical devices produced in and for Western markets.

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